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Not a drop in the ocean...but the whole oceaN in a drop

In days gone by, Paul would have been called a ‘Liberated Man’, if there were such a thing!  After experiencing a series of extraordinary spiritual insights at 15 where the sense of a separate me began to dissolve, Paul left home in search of answers as his awakening unfolded. His journey led him from a sleepy village on the coast of Wales to seek refuge in the Vedanta Centre Monastery, where he spent the next 5 years discovering & exploring the wonderment of what Is. During this period, the energetic sense of a separate self completely & absolutely was no more, leaving simply what Is. And since then Paul has become a much sought after speaker with people from all over the world, of that which cannot be spoken about. Much loved by his clients & all who seek his counsel, he is a pillar of integrity & authenticity for all those seeking the truth along their own paths of awakening.

‘…then I met Paul, which felt like having a glimpse of what truly Is. Nothing has changed yet everything is different. The play in Life’s Playground is so much more fun than I ever thought possible.’


Marita Forsvid Lund

Accupuncturist, Facilitator & Teacher

‘I very rarely personally endorse other professionals, but in this case have made an exception. If you are looking for ‘the real deal’, Paul is it. Of all the professionals in his field that I have encountered in the last 20 years, he is the most genuine & gifted. If you have the opportunity to work with him, take it!’ 

Sian Morgan

Consultant Psychologist & Author of over 12 Internationally published books

‘Do not hesitate, whether you talk, or naturally remain in silence. You will have nothing but benefit. What you see is what you get. A man of integrity & personal honesty. He speaks from experience not from the all too common prescriptive script.’

Swami Shivarupananda

Monk of 30 years