Paul Morgan-Somers

…a guy that travels, drinks tea and chats about the love of What Is :)

In days gone by, Paul would have been called a ‘Liberated Man’, if there were such a thing! Experiencing a series of extraordinary spiritual insights during his 15th and 16th years, at this time the energetic sense of a separate Paul began to change and dissolve until it was no more, leaving simply what Is.

Paul Morgan Somers

He left his sleepy village near the coast of West Wales and spent the next 5 years in a Vedanta Centre Monastery playing in the love and wonderment of what Is, and sharing time with representatives of most of the world’s religions.

Since then Paul has quietly drank tea, travelled and chatted with people from all over the world, about that which simply Is, yet cannot be described. Much loved by all who seek his counsel, he is a pillar of integrity & authenticity for all those seeking the freedom of what Is.

“We would highly recommend spending time with Paul to anyone. Love and gentleness shine from within him. We have found our sense of self and ideas of ego dropping away in his presence.

Paul has a simple way of pointing us away from the content of our thinking, to the energy behind all life.”

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